Monday, March 1, 2010

what is it with college bathrooms and twink riders

So i was in the library doing my marketing homework today,

and once again i had to piss like a motherfucker. Got into the bathroom, both urinals were taken so i hit a stall. After the pissers left i had the bright idea of strokin off in the bathroom so i could focus better and quit playin with my cock while doing my homework. So i sit and start strokin it. Well thats when this queeny cunt comes in and opens my door to the stall (cuz im a moron and forgot to lock it).

Now normally this is the kinda queer id kick off my cock, too queeny for my load but since i might be caryin the bug, i deceided fuck it if i got it this boy fucking deserves it.

Queeny Cunt (aka QC) starts sloberin on my knob, sweet. But you know when somone sucks you off and you know they are just lubin yer cock. thats what QC was doing.

He gets me wet, puts spit on his own hole and sits on my cock. Mind you i havent so much as lifted a finger, all i did was unbutton my shirt and put my hands behind my head. So QC is riding my cock, the stall door is still unlocked, and im in hog heaven about to breed a kid and maybe give him some charged load. Mindtrip would be proud.

The kids hole is loose as fuck, not grippin my cock so i really cant say its good sex, but since its suprise sex, i should be happy as fuck to get it. I get close, dont tell him shit, grab his sholders and pull him down on my cock to unload. Bitch apparently didnt want to get bred, but he didnt have a choice in the matter. When i was done bustin my nut and i gained my breath back, i hauled up my jeans, and pulled outta his loose hole. washed my hands and headed back to the desk i was using. Got my homework done and hopefully i dont gotta deal with QC's anger if i did poz him, but based on how loose the cunts hole was, i doubt im the only one he would be mad at.


Mindtrip said...

heh heh heh.

Duo said...

Dude, just shot the biggest load to that post!