Friday, July 16, 2010

Today it was 109.....

Conversation on the flightline while at yellow flag.

"its hotter than hell right now"

"Actually i think we are about even"

"at least we have icewater"

"i dont know man, hell might be a little better. We could watch all that crazy torture shit"

Odd what straight men talk about when its hot as hell.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

to all the LA people....

Who saw me at Faultline, Akbar, McDonalds Rough Trade, and the Eagle.

Sunday was NOT my finest hour. I got too drunk too fast, and felt pretty crappy since (physically). Im not really that trashy normally. I promise. OK so i am that trashy but im normally not painting the sidewalk with chicken mcnuggets.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

some people cant help but be stupid (ranting a bit)

so i got this comment on my birthday blowjob post:
Please stop barebacking. Please you are 21, sex is nothing. you are trying to fill a void in your heart with sex. You will regret seeking out sex acts that only lead to death. You will find yourself dieing alone with no true relationships. because everyone will only have shallow knowledge of you. Please stop now.
Save your self its never to late even if you are POZ
To explain why this comment is retarded i must first tell you a fun story about this morning. People from the Compound (a large overtly brainwashing baptist church/baptist college in Lancaster) were trying to save my soul like the creature who posted the above comment. My mom had just headed out as well as my bud and i was home alone shining my boots. They knocked at the door and i decided that instead of getting rid of them id talk to them and actually get the churchs opinion on things. I asked her about tattoos and she said they were like getting graffiti on the temple, that it cheapened the vesel. I asked about the view of tattoos as grafiti or murals. This went on for about 20 minutes untill i hit the brick wall.

Im a fairly open minded person, I dont care that you beleive in your religion, you have the right to express it and the right to attempt to influence the decisions of others. You also have the right to leave the religion if you dislike it (one of the reasons i hate Scientology to the degree i do). But some people are just too stupid. This woman could not do abstract thought or see life for the shades of grey it is. She was more upset at my tattoos than the devil clock on the wall.

I also am not a moral relativist. All things must be judged on even footing, however that footing is not black and white. Which leads me to this comment. This moral Asshat does not see the shades of grey in what is going on. I may be seeking out hookups, but clearly he does not see that i dont hook up that much. IN fact i rarely have penetrative sex. 90% of my sex comes from play, such as tying people up, clip play, CBT and other forms of torture. Fucking, sucking while it feels good, is the lesser part of the hookup. Maybe thats why women like me, im more about the foreplay than the main event. But when i do choose to fuck or get fucked, suck or get sucked i do it not out of sheer horniness (ok it does happen alot) but out of people id be cool to chill with. Even if its a shallow knowledge of people id prefer to know the person and have something in common. Ive already had enough anonymous sex in my life, its time for me to have sex on my terms with people of my choosing and to say that you can know my intentions or influence my actions by saying that retarded selfrichous bullshit that you just wrote makes me sad as fuck for the life you must lead. My life right now is better than it has been in a long time, barebacking is less than 1% of my life, and to judge 99% by the 1% is a cold way to judge.

Have fun being a shitbag.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Is there anyone one of your friends you'd want to see 'switch teams" like a gay friend get with a girl, or a straight friend getting with a guy? Which would you want to see more and what would you want them to do?

I would love to see some of my gay buds become KID+. Only because it would force them to grow up. But in a purely sexual way, id love to see hollis and Mindtrip get together. Id also pay for Zak Spears to marry my mother and by my dirty dirty stepdad so we could have sudo-incest every day.

Ask me anything

Friday, July 9, 2010

happy birthday to me.... sucking medic cock

So i spent my birthday running around doing medical shit for my summer job (the epic 9 hour day job. Its on a military base in southern california) . Had to get a chest Xray, and since i was on post i went to the Base Clinic to get it done. I wont bore you with the shitty details of re-enrolling in tricare, having my VA insurance not work and having to register as a civil servant and not being allowed to use tricare to get anything done faster in pre-radiology.

So heres the fun part. So i finally get in to get my xray done, by this real cute air force guy. We go into the Xray room and he has me take my shirt off. I ask if i gotta take out my nip piercings and he says na, they are ok. So while hes setting me up were talking about his piercings, he had both nips done and another he wouldn't mention. So he has me stand in front of the Xray and takes the first one. He comes out, swaps the film and we keep talking. sports, girls, PT. He makes me stand with my arms over my head, it was 109 outside so i was kinda rank. He paused a bit when he touched my armpit, he got some of my sweat on his hand. As he walked away i could see him smell his hand and play with his dick a bit.


Xray taken and he comes back, i got a smirk and half a stiffie. arms are still over my head, i dont care how bad my shoulder hurts its all good if i know my stink can get a flyboy into jelly. He comes over, says i can put my arms down and i said 'but ya like em better up.' He got the cutest face, shock, disappointment and horniness all at the same time. It took a second for the shock to wear off before he looked at me, looked at my pit, looked back at me. I started to put my arms down when he grabbed my left arm and buried his face in my pit. I started undoing his blouse as he kept eating my pit. The only time hes face left my body is when i pulled off his shirt to chow down on his pits and nips. Almost simultaneously we started to drop each others pants and play with the others dripping steel cock. Thats when i found his missing 3rd piercing, a cock piercing at the base, good start for a Jacobs ladder.

Both of us buck nekked in a Military medical facility playing with eachothers hard dicks. DADT BE DAMNED. I dropped to my knees first and sucked his dick like his cum was going to cure cancer or aids or something. And his cock, god damned. Great cornfed boy with a big beefy dick. Head ridge not too extreme, perfect for sucking. Perfect curve to get into my throat. He didnt take too long before he was shooting his flyboy jizz into my birthday boy stomach. He thought about returning the favor till his MS pounded on the door asking about lunch. Him already shot his load he was quick to get me out of there and never see my face again.

Wether or not i see this boy again i dont much care, i just want him to know he was one of the bright spots on my birthday. The rest of the day sucked pretty hardcore, but sucking flyboy cock in the middle of a med facility is something so sureal that it changed the days outlook.

Addendum: Saw him at the club (base restaurant) today. Apparently i was wrong in my previous assessment, said hey to me and everyone from my shop and introduced me to his flyboy buds. Apparently (according to his cover story) we met at Parris Island when my shoulder tore out. Gotta love those med boys, they get passed around the branches more than hotpigg at a circuit party.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

today i turn 21

im 21 today, which means i can legally now

  1. buy booze
  2. go to leather bars
  3. watch certian kinds of porn
  4. go to bars
  5. get shitfaced
  6. and drive after having a beer
So actual changes in my life? 0

Thursday, July 1, 2010

the pain that stops everything

so i told my buddy i wasnt comin over tonight. Hes kinda pissed, he just found out hes getting laid off thanks to the B1 being retired and his hatefuck bailing on him isnt the best thing in the world. But he understands.

Ive been shot, stabbed, had my shoulder ripped out, tore muscles, and had both nipples pierced yet mouth pain is by far the worst. Not because its the most painfull, but because its dabilitating. I cant even drink water without it hurting.
 So heres the deal. my wisdom teeth need to come out. So thats whats happening next week instead of me getting drunk. Which is depressing as fuck.

BTW i turn 21 on tuesday and missing teeth or not im going to faultline on saturday (7/10) and Bullet that night (assuming i get paid and how much is left after this facial surgery).