Sunday, March 14, 2010

Weekend with Mindtrip

Mindtrip is not going to like this. I apologize in advance.

every time i hang out with mindtrip i learn new things about myself. Last time he came up here was a lesson in my primal nature. This time was a lesson in our raw humanity and the amount of damaged goods we both are.

i dont know how much im going to go into the weekend becuase it was deep as shit and im going to be dealing with the repercussions of those conversations for the next few weeks and months.

however this new found search for my own humanity has revealed one thing to me. This blog is going to change a bit. Much like Mark from Ibi has done with his Dark Passengers series, so i shall do with my voices series, tales of my past will be past steps and me worried or finally making a decision on my future will also be documented here.

I learned this weekend that i am a dark fucking person sometimes. But im also a human being and i do have something pretty epic in the works. Also, as part of this i know mindtrip is going to see but i wanna show everyone first this is what im gonna rock to LA leather


Mindtrip said...

you have nothing to be sorry about.

Mark (iBLASTinside) said...

The exploration and journey is an honorable one. I support it. Learn from it and observe. People teach you so much. Good luck and thanks for the nod.

Billy Twee said...

your sexual persona is evolving all the time...and it's best to acknowledge it, as you have done...carry's interesting