Tuesday, March 9, 2010

an old ryan sullivan vid

I found this vid the other night going thru ryan sullivans old videos. this one has always intrgued me.

I think its the fact that he edited the 2 scenes together.

the 'poison' consumes his guts and he 'dies' from massive organ failure.

The cum will also consume him. he will feel a need to get it again and again and again and again. The thought will slowly consume his mind, and he will become a cumhole that lives to be bred. It happens to us all after we get cum in our hole. Some mental block falls and a new neural connection is made that makes the human male crave another mans seed in his hole. Its animalistic and feeds our primal nature.

I dont know if Jamie is actually married or not. I dont care. I know married women who know their men are bisexual that let them play in very specific circumstances. That might one day be me getting bred on a TIM camera saying im married and my wife only lets me do this to finance my gun obsession.

THat might be another reason i find this hot, jamie is getting bred and he could easilly be me in 10 years....


Kenneth said...

Jeremiah 8:22 If I understand it correctly represents the knowledge that there is help available-the biblical example-medical ointment.

Jeremiah saying how can you allow human suffering while having the know how to stop it. Jeremiah is basically calling them on their behavior.

So what can those who have suffered do? If and when able-seek out the ointment on their own.

Most important-the ointment will only cure the physical ailment. What about the mind? Well if you subscribe to the bible then the true medicine is there in God. Or if not religious-you find the medicine in nature, or love, or anything that gives you peace.

..but I think you knew this already.

Kenneth said...

Yes I'm commenting again:

Back to philosophy. The Plato and the ancient Greeks believes that for man to be good he needed to possess 4 main virtues-personal traits: courage, justice, temperance, and intelligence.

Plato believed that all these traits when demonstrated at once reflected a higher virtue-that of knowledge.

Therefore, Plato didn't believe that a human could know the better but do the worse. For one to do something we may feel is horrible and inhumane was not a matter of weakness but of ignorance.

So when you truly have knowledge that stems from those 4 virtues you cannot do wrong. If someone does do wrong-they are lacking in knowledge.

Aristotle had a different take, he believed virtue came from ones intuitive rational choice.

A lack of virtue-seen in cruel behavior was attributed to ones natural instincts being blocked by something-resulting in irrational actions or behavior.

For example do you kill someone who caused you harm or attempt excessively to be a better person and take forgiveness to an extreme degree?

Aristotle would say a person of virtue is capable of learning the appropriate middle ground-the rational action based on the specific circumstances.