Wednesday, March 3, 2010

LA Leather

So Mindtrip has his shit all figured out for LA leather, and i wanna go watch him win that shit.


The only leather i got is a harness. I know somewhere there is a collar, but im not sure where, and i def aint a boy anymore so i aint wearing that.

Mindtrip says rock torn blue jeans and the harness and call it dodge. And while im inclined to agree, i still feel like i should rock some more. One of my boys said i should rock an armband, and i might... if i can wrangle up the cash for one.

So what are yalls ideas on what to rock. I never been to LA leather so idk what the scene is... but im thinkin clothes can always come off, but its hard to get them on if i go nekked.

1 comment:

Mindtrip said...

I have a blue armband that doesnt fit me anymore, when you visit me next week. we'll see if it fits you. If so, its yours.