Friday, March 5, 2010

Sucking Dick in Walmart: A how to guide

So if you get horny at walmart (it happens) i have a simple how to guide to suck and get sucked.

  1. Use the back bathroom, its normally where the site to store/layaway office are, its less frequented by security.
  2. sit in a stall and start playin with it, but dont lock the stall.
  3. wait for hot hairy mexican father with son to come in, have him suck dick while son watches.
  4. make mexican father swallow.
  5. Let mexican father bust nut on floor.
  6. watch father explain to his son to not tell his mom about that.
i wish i got his number, nothing would be hotter than watchin the 2 have a conversation about what happened later that night. Watch the dad teach his kid to jerk off, how to suck cock, how to fuck and git fucked.

Maybe one day i can teach my kid that way, until then ill let horny fathers blow me and let their sons watch.

1 comment:

Duo said...

Loved this, man. That's some hot, sick shit! How old was the kid? -Dan