Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Cunt in the Computer Lab

So i was ordering a new screen for my laptop. Fucking POS fell around haloween and i have yet to get around fixing it. So i ordered the screen and signed off and was walking outta the computer lab when my buddy comes in and we shoot the shit in the hall for a bit. I made a sexist joke saying we should stay off the road cuz his girlfriend is driving his truck (he drives a raised F350, i admit i cant even drive that fucker without hitting a curb... im used to my ranger). Some cunt walking outta the computer lab called me a mysogonist. I had to summon my inner Tucker Max to respond.

what i said wasn't misogynist, now if i had said that women should be chained to the stove with only enough slack to reach the bedroom because those are the only two places they belong. That woudl be mysogynistic. What i said was sexist, And a joke.

It makes me happy to put bitches in their place.

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