Monday, March 15, 2010

Buddy tells me he wants to be tortured

so we go hang out and shoot some pool. I play the shittiest games EVER. But he says he will help me fix my hair so we head back to my place.

He fixes the few spots on my head i missed when i buzzed my head, aftewards he says he wants to chill so come into my mancave (also known as bedroom). Im fucking with him and he says he wants me to choke him. So i do, he does it for about a good minute then taps out. He puts my hand on his hard dick, so i order him to drop trou. he whimpers.

After hes nekked i end up breaking out the fishing line and clothes pins.

I will leave you with the picture of my art.

I want to let you know he came hands free as i pulled them off and his nerves regained blood flow.

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