Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Queeny Fucks....

so i hooked up with this queeny guy (QB) on A4A today. Oral guy, ill rape his face i dont care. However...

This guy made me want to punch him so many times. He gave bad head, he had a queeny voice, he was racist as fuck. Overall, i had to force myself to unclench my fists.

fucker didnt deserve my load, and he didnt get it.

On the other side of the spectrum i hung out with Big Tom before QB (queeny bear). We talked about whats going on with my serostatus since its been fucked up for the past 6 years (yes i did mean 6 as in six...) and he agreed with me to go down to Panorama City to talk to the doc i used to have at Kaiser and see if she can help me, cuz the doc up here is a Giant Douche. We hung out, we talked ink, i told him im headed to LA leather so he might go down with me. We talked about how high i have to get to get on meds, overall a much better experience than hanging with QB or QC in the past few days.

Seriously tho ive been walking around with clenched fists, i want to punch these queeny fucking bastards that dont know how the fuck to grow a pair and act like a man. I dont get it. but whatever. Cant wait till next weekend got a full day in LA, LA county musuem of art, hanging out with some buds in Culver City and then hanging with Mindtrip. I cant fucking wait

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