Tuesday, April 19, 2011

my theory on male social interaction

Some know that i now intetify as a puppy. Part of this comes from me analyzing what i do, and yeah, i have a puppy mindset. But this has also started to open my eyes about how we are all still animals. The best way to recoginize this is in males. All males i have surveyed and tested this on agree, they like to be gently scratched or rubbed behind the ear, the back of the head where their hair meets their neck and under their chin if they have a beard. The only time this isnt the case is when there is no hair, but sometimes even bald guys end up liking it.

Further proof, men are dogs

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Twinks on a4a are far too trusting (or how I'm a nice guy)

So I was on Adam today, right before I was fired from my job and this cute lil twink was hitting on me. He wanted me to fuck him and I said hey I only fuck raw. He said cool as long as I don't have anything. If you haven't seen it, my a4a clearly has my status on it. I told him to read my profile again and see if he wanted to play. He said it was cool, and my dick said jump on it. Unfortunately my soul said tell him, so I said you know I'm poz, poor kid. He hasn't hit me up again. God Damn being a nice guy.

Drag queens scare me

I know I'm not the only one. But drag queens scare me on multiple levels.
1. They are fuckin clowns. And they are just as creepy.
2. They embody the worst in the gay collective identity. They are the fullest representation of the lack of strong gays who are also men. Gays call eachother girl and make this whole idea that you can't be both gay and a man. It's annoying. I love ya don, but I ain't going to be at Mr sister leather

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Seeing others

So I know its been a while, how are all yall. I know it sucked, but I'm glad I took a break, gave me time to evaluate what's important in my life. I'm most glad to say that I found something out about myself, something that no longer is the case with me.
I used to see myself as others saw me. If someone called me a submissive little whore, well that must be what I was. Something has changed recently, be it working again or my ongoing mentoring by an amazing Sir, I've grown some balls.
I was at an event not long ago, and a creeper aka creepy old guy decided to start hitting on me. I stayed quiet, kept talking to my friends till he pinched my nipple. I whispered in his ear as if I was going to be sweet, and told him if he did it again his balls would be my breakfast. It feels good to finally not have the compulsion to submit to everyone