Monday, March 29, 2010

Formspring Question that did not send to blogger

Ok guys, here is a question i got that for some reason blogger does not like.

Question: How have you resisted the temptation to kill your dad? I mean, *I* want to kill him and he didn't even do it to *me*. Related: how can you stand to have any contact with him?

I have resisted the urge to kill him by simply being better than him. It really is that simple. I am a better person than him because i would never treat my son that way. I would never let a chemical dependence drive me to do the things he did.

i can stand having contact with him because hes my dad. Honestly no matter what he did to me he would still be my dad and i would for some reason still love him.

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N649309 said...

I would just remind the SOB, each and every time you spoke, "You taught me how to you want to be treated, when you are weak and can't defend or protect yourself" The actuary table's are on your side bud, with or without bareback sex.

Skippy said...

i remind him that when i need gas money normally