Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Rant: The gay parties political deal with the devil

Difference of opinion is frowned upon in the gay community. Apparently, once you like to have sex with other dudes, it become a requirement that you become a liberal democrat. But much like other parts of the Gay Party Doctrine, i vote fuck that.

I am a libertarian, I always have been. I think the smaller the government is the more individuals will be able to succeed or fail based on their own merits. Should the government kinda play referee sometimes, yes. But right now the government is so big its a crooked ref, that is playing the game for its own benefit.

The deal with the devil has been the democrats will give token support for cosmetic issues that many gays think will fix the emotional holes they have and in return the gay party will give them their full support, and shame all detractors.

So lets play devils advocate (my favorite game from debate).

You say: What are the cosmetic issues that gays think the democrats can fix for them?

Answer: well its simple, gays have seen a "attack" on them by the christian right (really just the westboro baptist church and the egghead on 700 club). Since many conservatives happen to be christian, they see the attack coming from conservatives. This normally comes in the form of gay marriage. I as a person have several issues with gay marraige. And they boil down to 3 points

  1. Since gay people cannot produce children, marriage (as it relates to a family unit recognized by the state) seems a bit unwarranted. At that point marrage becomes a power of attorney agreement. Since my father and my stepmother remain unmarried but came up with a power of attorney agreement between the 2 it was actually cheaper than marriage. The difference is it is much harder for power of attorney agreements to be broken than just getting a divorce, not to mention there is almost no guarentee of support if that breaks apart as there is with normal marrage through the use of alimony and spousal support.
  2. The main reason behind gay marriage is not people in commited relationships wanting to be married. Many of those commited people already have power of attorney, the main thing they want is to be recoginized by the state, as if that recognition will provide some sense of validation for their relationship. Instead of looking to themselves and how to grow their relationship and see what it means for them, they would rather be defined by the state. But even those people are a minority of the gay population. Most gay men will NEVER be in a relationship long enough to consider marriage (unless they go on the celebrity timetable since lets be honest, most gay men idolize divas who burn through husband like i burn though smokes).
  3. I have never heard what happens if a church does not want to provide the ceremony. This point is actually rather small in comparison with the other 2, but its still a big one. Lets say i finally am in a relationship and am commited and need to have the state validate my relationship with marriage. I pick a church, but that church does not do gay weddings. First off when i get pissed and say its my right to have MY wedding in THEIR facility using THEIR priest who do i call? Does the government come in and tell the church they have to perform the ceremony against their will, or do they tell me to fuck off (i prefer the latter).
But this is just one aspect. Gay men (since they are unable to produce children while still being able to fuck like bunnies) are uniquely positioned to be the business dominators of this country. Instead of using the money they would normally spend on raising children and the like, they spend it on designer sunglasses, expensive cars and status symbols that do not actually improve the standard of living for anyone else. If they took that money and invested it in their own education, opened a buisness or started a charity to work with kids gay people could actually be the biggest philanthropists in the world.

Instead they hand that responsibility off to the government and worry about their designer clothes, expensive cars and bash straight people for 'keeping them down' instead of showing them they are the same except they fuck dudes instead of chicks.

Call me self loathing, call me what you will. But i am tired of being bombarded with Democrats talking points on bareback sex blogs. this is the LAST time i will talk politics on this blog, but when i see people who post mostly political posts on a sex blog, ill remove em from my sidebar and remove my subcription.

I know this post did not win me any friends, but thats not what this is for. i write this blog for me. Its a reminder of my journey through my college years, an exploration of my sexual abuse and how i came out of that to become the man i am today, for better or worse.

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Bi Slut in big D said...

Dude, I found your blog a few days ago, and I'm so glad I did. You and I have a LOT in common. I come from a history of CSA. Tried for years to deny it. Can't deny the need to be filled, and I am a full on Libertarian. Keep the Gov out of my fucking life and out of my pants!! Get in touch sometime. I just moved my blog over from Yahoo to Blogger, well actually Yahoo kicked me out. Glad to find you.