Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Test with a load burning in my guts

Flyboy called me after my marketing class on tuesday, wanted to hang out and play pool. Now one thing about me, i NEVER turn down a chance to play pool. So we head to the local pool hall and grab a table.

Its been years since i last played pool, so my first few games sucked. Flyboy gave me a hint that i always seem to need, bend down lower. The reason i wasnt bending down lower is i didnt want to show my ass off to the whole pool hall, but it was empty and i was starting to feel a lil horny so what the fuck.

I kicked his ass in 3 consecutive games, so he owed me dinner and some other stuff later. We went to dinner, he paid like a good looser does and then we headed to his place. we hang out for a while, watch Zombieland (fucking epic flick btw). 1 movie and a few beers later we head to his bedroom.

We start making out, hardcore body contact, im punching his chest cuz thats what i do, hes rubbing my cock so fucking gently its driving me nuts.

he starts puttin spit on his cock, and i know what hes after, and im so horny i dont really care, as long as i can get my nut off im good. He pushes balls deep and i claw at his back. like a good super horny bottom with a top i trust my eyes rolled into the back of my head and i bascailly melted and let whatever he wanted to do to me happen.

He deposited a big fucking load in my guts and we knocked out. Woke up at 6:30, we ended up jerking off and he busted a nut on my chest, then i had to run to class.

Class was boring, but it was funny cuz the guy sitting next to me was making fun of me for smelling like sex and wearing my clothes from the day before. I think he was jealous.

After class i had to book it to get to my appointment down in Panorama City. Got there with a few minutes to spare and still waited for 30 minutes. Gotta love Kaiser! Anyway, did the bloodwork and talked to my doctor and basically she said what i thought was going on. I been testing poz since i was 14, but since i never had a viral load above 50 she told me im basically neg cuz theres no real proof ive got the virus, just that i have the antibody. She said when my virals get above 50 then she will know im poz, but for 6 years without meds i been below 50... either im super fucking healthy and fought it off, or am super fucking healthy and keep it low or i somehow got the antibody without the virus. No one really knows whats going on with me, but she gave me a 'functionally neg' bill of health. I guess thats good?

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