Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Hey guys,

So my last post has caused the first bit of controversy with me. But i am actaully taking alot of it to heart.

however i noticed everyone commented anonymous. Now while i believe in the power of anonymous i also would love to have conversations with yall. Especially in those leveling critisism, i do actually like to follow up and try to get clarification. I have begun for some time a self evaluation on myself and that is one of the reasons i needed some outside opinons on if i was too harsh. However some critisism such as 'your self loathing' make no sense. I dont want to go to moderating comments at all... i dont like that, i think it stifles the discussion and turns my blog into the bareback echo chamber where only good things are said that so many others have become. I love negative comments because they do force me to look at myself.

However, all that being said, please if you have a comment account use it, i do actually like to e-mail people and see what they meant. Take it as helping me along a journey of self improvement

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