Thursday, March 4, 2010

a little explination is in order

Ok so i got a few questions on this so ill answer it.

Yes i was the guest writer on Life in the raw with mindtrip for like a day. I said that in my very first post on this blog.

Now as an explination on why that didnt work out?

Prolly has to do with me trying to fix the load counter and fucking EVERYTHING up. and i mean everything. I have no idea how i did it, how mindtrip fixed it. no clue. I lost the pic he had up there, and then i posted one pic of him sucking my dick and im guessin he got pissed and said FUCK THIS SHIT and said go start your own (even tho we did mutually agree).

It would have been cool to be the west coast Matt and dan but i guess it want part of the plan. I do kinda like havin my own place to fuck up if i choose.

Now if only more people left comments....

Edit: As per another question yeah the pic up top is me

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