Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Who the hell am i....

has anyone ever looked in the mirror and asked who the fuck are you?

Thats how i feel right now. Like im an imposter in this body. The skippy i know is sucessfull, works, and fucks a ton. This imposter in my body is barely scraping by, is exhausted all the time and has almost no sex life despite being horny as fuck.

Who the hell stole the Skippy i was?

Did the USMC break me down this much, then never re-build me so i am leaving as broken goods?

Has the shitty economy so drained my hope for the future i have reached 'fuck it' status?

Or am i finally facing real and true depression, without reason or justification?

I am unsure. I joked this week about teenage girls who write 'livejournal, sometimes i think your the only one who gets me'. Now i am no where near that level. But i feel like i dont know who i am anymore. Im shy, im scared, im unsure. I am all the things i hate in others. And the worst part, i dont remember how to be strong.

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