Monday, May 24, 2010

Ive got a bone to pick with the GLSEN again...

Ok, by now im sure everyone has seen this add

So im sure its a valiant attempt to change speech and all. And im sure some thin skinned queens get their panties in a twist about this shit. But seriously, fucking grow a pair. This is retarded.

Even the gay people i know say thats so gay to decribe shitty things. Its part of the vernacular of the country. Its called growing a thick skin and getting over it. I was a minority at my highschool, i was picked on becuase i was white and becuase i sucked dick. Did i go crying to the ACLU or the GLSEN or the GSA? NO. I learned to fight back, and i broke a fuckers rib and another guys nose. I dont know why this is so hard for kids to do now. Has society been so de-balled throwing a punch do defend yourself is now wrong. Have we so sterilized our environment that kids and adults have this thin of a skin.

Let me know, because i am still of the school that if you dont like something you stand up for yourself and change things slowly instead of an add campaign that makes gay people look like catty fucktards. Altho that may be the image GLSEN are trying to promote with all their public campaigns in which case they are super effective.


Anonymous said...

So your solution is violence rather than gentle correction? I guess I disagree.

Oh wait...*punches you* :-)

Skippy said...

im for letting things go until it reaches a point where you use violence in self defense

Bi Slut in big D said...

I'm with you brother. I see this with kids every day, we've so "pussified" these kids that they can't take ANY criticism whether in jest or out of spite. They get jobs and come to the "real world" and discover that not everyone around them gives a rat's ass how they FEEL. It's time for people to realize that in life, you get and give shit. If you don't, you become a snack for a bigger animal. Stand up for yourself and don't let people push you around. Or, better still, write a strongly worded letter to the offending party. I'm sure that will straighten it all out!