Sunday, May 23, 2010

And introducing this week: The old Skippy!

its been a crazy sorta week. So heres the rundown.

I had a job interview thursday, so i decided instead of trying to drive down to downtown LA early thursday morning, id take the train down to LA Wednesday  and hang out with Mindtrip then do the interview and take the train back up to hell.

So after my 8am class on wednesday i hit the bathroom before drivin to the train station. One of my buddies comes in and breaks the cardnal rule of male public restrooms, never stand next to another man at a urinal. well anyway he does it and he startes staring at my junk. Words didnt need to be spoken, i knew what he wanted. I finished pissing then walked to the stall, he did the same. He got on his knees as soon as i shut the stall door. He started to suck my dick, but i was in a hurry. I grabbed his head, put it against the wall and raped the kids face till i made him swallow my nut. As i walked out i said to myself... fuck yeah Skippy is back.

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