Thursday, May 13, 2010

Masculinity: A Case Study

Ok guys,
Its question time. What makes a man masculine.

Or more importantly. What makes this guy less masculine than say this guy:
Is it the body hair, is it the face, piercings, what. all i know is that the second guy looks more apt to have a few beers and fight then have rough sex than the first. But i cant put my finger on Why?

And for your viewing pleasure (since i been backed up with a shit ton of homework and have not been having that much sex) pictures of FUCKING.


Bi Slut in big D said...

I think it goes to musculature and demeanor. Not that there aren't exceptions to the rule, but the "twink" type dudes with the emo looks and the overly-gelled, styled hair just turn me off. And if they talk like a girl, I hate that crap! If I can actually pick you up and throw you across the room, I'm not all that interested!

kb said...

I wouldn't discount the more situational parts of these pics..

The first is obviously professionally done, for porn probably, and the photographer probably asked for that ridiculous wistful look on the boys face -- the view directly into the camera is one of vulnerability. We can't infer much from the guy's actual personality except that he's okay getting hard for cash. Oh and from that angle you're probably thinking subconsciously that he wants to gobble your knob. (It's a porn photo, right?)

Dude in his bathroom is taking his own photo -- the self-direction seems inherently more masculine, and the angles imply equality at a minimum.

If you put both of those guys on more even footing (no piercings, no ridiculous eurobriefs, both going for a guys-with-iphones shot) the perceived difference in masculinity would probably drop a lot... at that point you're starting to go down to one guy having meat on his bones and shorter hair.