Wednesday, May 26, 2010

a sense of perspective

The same people who read my blog also read guys like Mindtrip, breeding jock, hotpigg, and Ibi. I know this because Google Analytics knows this, it tells me where you came from and where you went after leaving my site, it can also tell me how many other tabs you have open and what is on those tabs (yall are some sick fucks).

Based on what i know about the majority of people who come to my site.... NONE OF YOU HAVE ANY RIGHT TO JUDGE ME. Im going to pick on 2 people, because i know they can take it, im gonna pick on Mindtrip and Mark from IBI.

Mindtrip is a Poz top, who frequently fucks bottoms who may or may not be neg inadverntely sharing HIV among the people he fucks. And im the mean person becuase i like to fuck with people?

Mark is a untested guy who used to destroy condoms to get his seed in other people, and IM THE MEAN PERSON?

I dont pass judgement on these guys becuase 1. they are cool as hell and 2. its not my place to judge them.

I enjoy fucking with people who are nice because they are stupid. They are too stupid to make witty comebacks, to socially inept to understand sarcasm and outside thinking. They are products of our educational system and they fail every time. Thats whats fun. IF im truly an asshole for these things then these other men must go down with me. Agree with me or disgaree with me as you see fit, at least be consistent with your rage.


Anonymous said...

Well, you may not approve this--you didn't approve my comment on your other post--but I stopped reading iBi because he's an evil son of a bitch. Soon as I found out he was a stealther.

I defend the right of people to make their own choices, including the choice to use condoms or not; iBi stealthed a guy who brought his own condoms and all, by turning the condom inside out between fucks. Do you see what that means? He wasn't even after his own pleasure; he did that SOLELY so that someone who had chosen to play safe would get cum in his ass!

As far as I can tell MindTrip is honest and up front with people. They make their own choices. But iBi Mark is an evil bastard, and no, I don't approve of him (in case you were in doubt).

But more to your point: something can be wrong even if there's a greater wrong in the world. Otherwise no one could talk about anything being wrong as long as the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are still going on and the Deep Water Horizon spill hasn't been stopped and cleaned up.

And you know men: just because you can't stop looking at something doesn't mean you approve of it. Fascinated horror, I believe it's called.

Ordinarily I like your blog. Your story about your father's treatment of you was heartbreaking. But when I think you're doing harm to others I will tell you so, because I think that might matter to you. I wouldn't bother with Mark, who, unlike you, strikes me as utterly beyond redemption; he will do whatever he feels like doing, and wants to punish people who make different choices.

Btw...I was an activist in the 70s and 80s. I came out when that pretty much meant social ostracism and risk of physical assault. Just as a point of reference.

Mark (iBLASTinside) said...

Being out about being a barebacker is like being gay and out in Nazi Germany. Or that's how it seems sometimes. We are persecuted by both the straights and the gays.

It gets to me sometimes to, the nasty things people say, like the anonymous fucker above who thinks he can judge me and call me "evil" and suggest I need redemption. Like he's some Christian who wants to save me. Fuck.

Enjoy life. Live life. Stop trying to pussyfoot.

Skippy said...

Im with you mark. I dont judge ya, but i think its funny when people say that im the most evil motherfucker for fucking with people when there are people right here who are doing traditionally worse things. Neither of us are 'nice' people mark, but thats what gives us character.

Mark (iBLASTinside) said...

Here's the honest truth: No one is perfect. There's no pure white or pure black, no pure goodness and no pure evil. The world is a mix of gray. At least you and I are acknowledging our own choices. Mr. Holier-Than-Thou Anonymous up there wants to save you, Skippy. I'd rather let you find your own way and respect you for the choices you make.

Anonymous said...

I don't want to "save" anyone, and I'm not a Christian. I want to PERSUADE Skippy not to fuck with people just because he can. Just giving him feedback.

You, Mark, are a stealther. That means you impose your choices on others. Especially in the case I cited, where you made sure the guy got cum in his hole when you couldn't manage to fuck him bare. That wasn't for your pleasure, because you were wearing a condom; that was to punish him for making different choices than you make.

You, Mark, are no better than the "condom nazis" you so detest. You demand that others respect your choices, but you don't respect theirs, unless they happen to match yours.

Mark (iBLASTinside) said...

You, Anonymous, are two-dimensional.

Anonymous said...

And you, Mark, are very three-dimensional. A well-drawn villain. I would be proud to have created you in a mystery novel.

But in mystery fiction, justice is done (eventually, and except for PD James, who seems to be fond of punishing the innocent). I expect you will keep getting away with your particular brand of evil.

Such is real life. Alas.

Anonymous said...

Clarification: well-drawn villains are not "pure evil"--one thing Mark said that I do agree with is that there's no pure good or pure evil in the world. A "villain" is anything from a near-hero with a tragic flaw to a pathetic loser whose only rise to personal competence was his crime to a person who consistently does both good and evil, but whose evil drags him down--or just brings him to the attention of the hero (we're still talking books here).

Just so you know, Skippy and Mark, what I mean by talking about "well-drawn villains."