Sunday, May 9, 2010

take me drunk im home

So last night went over to flyboys place to hang out with some friends and we decided that we all needed to drink. However, flyboys roomate was being a dick of epic proportions

So as all good lets get shitfaced stories start, we needed to get to CVS. Lucky for us CVS is right by my house. So we took my truck and flyboy took his, he got beer and me and another flyboy loaded up my truck with wood. Yes my friends, we had an old fashoned bonfire in the desert. took about 20 mins and we got a ton of the old fencing off my property and started driving outta town and into the desert. Long story short we end up in a dry creekbed right on the edge where the sand gets too soft for street tires and we walked a bit into the old creek. to build the fire. Lil gasoline and a match and the wood is burning. Shotgunning takes place and we burn through 2 cases of natty ice pretty damn quick. Jack Danielsis passed around, stories are told, drinks are shared.

IT was a night that every good country boy would be proud of.

And no i did not drive drunk, stayed until about 7am till i was good to drive, then came straight home and passed the fuck out. I may be a dumb country boy but i aint that dumb.

In other news.... might have a hookup next week after class so ill let yall know how that pans out. Also got approved for amazon associates so help skippy buy books for school by buying books for fun!

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Anonymous said...

Yes, the dumb country boy with the 3.5 GPA.

What do SMART country boys have, I wonder? :-)