Thursday, September 2, 2010

games and those that play them

So I was told I play games today. This annoyed me.

Here's the deal. I made plans to hang with a guy who was crashing with flyboys roommate. I said i was gonna stop by my place and shower and grab some grub then I'd head over. As I got out of the shower I for a a package is been waiting on, a part for the bike im rebuilding. So I went over to my buddies place to put it on. I textedbhim sayin i had to rain check to do this, and he got pissy and said he prefers honesty and I was playing games. I called bullshit. He went silent. After I was done I scrubbed myself with Orange goup and went to my dads.

So when the fuck did I play games in this? I'm thinking this mouth be a donut hole situation, since Im in the middle I can only see the situation not everything else.

But there is another thing I've been told recently. That I'm too vague. I'm wondering now if the politically correct atmosphere of NASA has made me the kind clerson I hate. ironically I've also been gettin told I'm too blunt for my own good. I'm just voting to go back to being an asshole. Things are easier that way.


PDQ said...

I don't know that I'd call you a game player, I'd just call you flaky for making plans with me and then bailing.

Skippy said...

however your text said you hated the 'gay games i was playing' and that you prefered honesty

PDQ said...

Ummmm.....what? You and I have never met. You and I have never texted. You and I have never "made plans to hang". I have never "crashed with flyboys" as you put it. I don't live anywhere near you.

You asked "So when the fuck did I play games in this?". I answered your question.

I think you're a flake. I also think you're easily confused.

Skippy said...

Haha these past few days o have been easily confused