Wednesday, September 8, 2010

And now a note from Skippys submissive side

when i first moved to Miami, i was on craigslist looking something, anything to do. New city, and i didnt have a fake id so i couldnt hit bars and i was so unestablished in a new place, it seemed like a place to look.

I came across an add that would end up changing my life. It was a boy whos Sir had just kicked him out for fucking without being asked first. Thats a big issue, and the boy was punished by not being able to talk to his sir anymore. He was lost, but still held what i can only describe as reverence to his Sir. My poor little 18 year old brain could not handle that. With all my hate for everyone that had done me wrong in my life it was something i could not understand. How can someone write you off and you still feel that your Sir has your best interests at heart.

So i did what i normally do when im confused by something, i reasearch into it, and got introduced to 3 words that would change my life. Honor, Duty and Commitment. It is not only ironic but very telling that those words that i was led to by somoenes complete submission to his Sir would be the guiding lights of the United States Marine Corps.

But how was i driven to those words by a BDSM relationship ending? Its an odd line, and thank God for it.

It started in my feeling awful about my body and not eating phase of my existence.I met a Sir who while not taking me as a boy, would answer my questions when i would ask them, and i was kinda a pain about it, i asked alot of questions. Through our conversations i learned alot, not about specific actions but attitudes that were to be expected of me if i were to become a boy. Submission became a small piece of the puzzle as much as pleasing my Sir would become a larger one. I began to realize that your honor, duty and commitment were all shown towards your Sir, and your actions reflected less on you and more on your Sir. If you had a strict Sir you had a strict life and if you had an easy going Sir you had an easy going life, but either way your life reflected on your Sir.

This became reinforced during my short military career. My actions did not only reflect on me, but they reflected on my squad, my platoon, my company and even my battalion and all the officers and senior enlisted in that tree. The joke is that all marines are bottoms and submissive, well it dont take much to realize why, we are trained to have our actions reflect on those above us.

Honor: Displaying honor is by acting honorably towards your Sir and any others you are instructed to.
Duty: You have a duty to pay respect and even reverence if thats what your Sir asks of you
Commitment: You must be commited to serving your Sir well.

These ideas form the basis of my understanding of the Sir/boy relationship dynamic. It is with this knowledge i can say i am interested in possibly having a Sir/boy relationship. That again is dependent on me finding a Sir i can be compatable with. Thats the rub, and thats the next step on this journey.

Also, skippy has a massive crush on someone

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Jnk Nswt said...

This is great stuff. I think that outside the military, concepts like honor and duty are underrated in America.

I hope you find your Sir, whether he's the guy you have a crush on, or someone else.