Tuesday, August 31, 2010

College does Dirty Dirty things to me

So umm yeah....

College started monday Aug 23rd, and since then ive had sex with 4 different people. There may be 2 reasons for this. 1 my doctor was amazed at my muscle growth in my shoulders and how it has re-built my shoulder. He wants to see if he can accellerate it and see if i do well so he gave me a low dose of sterioids (yes Mindtrip im cheating, fuck off). Im also taking a Testerone suppliment becuase ...quantum. The end result, i need to fuck and get fucked all the fucking time. Im hardly ever without a damn hardon. So here is the recounting of the past few days fuckings.

Tuesday Aug 24th,

Location: AVC Bathroom

Parner: Random dude

Apparently no one has checked the bathrooms in the Liberal Arts building in a while, cuz if your in the male one there is a SMALL gloryhole between the 2 stalls. I had to piss, and the urinals were not in working order, so i pissed in the stall. While i was in there i heard the guy in the stall next to me talk under his breath about my cock. Being the loudmouthed asshole i am i asked what kinda fag tries to see thru walls to see a cock, and then he said 'i can see you', which made me laugh. After the class id had, i needed a good laugh. He unlocked his stall, i went in. He blew me, got me wet, then had me sit on the toilet then rode my cock. took me about 5 mins to cum, and i unloaded raw in his ass. He came on the floor.

Wednesday Aug 25th

Buddies Shop

Partner: old man

So i went over to old mans shop, hed been wanting to fuck me for a while and i was horny enough to let him. It was unceremonious. He took my pants off, shoved me on the couch. Used a little bit of spit, shoved in and fucked till he came. That was it. Never felt good, but felt good to be used.

Friday Aug 28th

AV Fair Bathroom

Partner: ?

OK so this one is a little fuzzy, it COULD be 2 people but im unsure.

So at the fair i was working on friday with the livestock auction. Out behind the show barn there was a trailer for us cowpokes to chill. There was a room in the back that had a couch, and i decided id take a nap there instead of drivin across town to be back in 3 hours for 2nd shift. I knocked out, and woke up to someone blowing me, im not sure who it was, it was dark and im fairly certian they had a blindfold on me. But since i was getting my dick sucked its not like i care. Horray random blowjobs!. I came, he came on my boots, i fell back asleep. I woke up about an hour later to my phone telling me it was back to work time. And the nice guy put my stuff all back in my pants for me. what a guy.

Monday Aug 30th

The Warrior/Desert

Seattle Flyboy

So a buddy is down from seattle doing some work on one of the many fucking planes thats out here for testing. We met up, drove around and talked for a while, drank some beer. Guy was fuckin awesome, kinda gingerish and we hung out good. We started drinkin some beer, then he started to molest me, then we went into the truck cuz out of fucking nowehere it got cold. then we started to make out, then get naked, then he pulled my cock out and devoured it. After about 5 mins he got up, and i did the same to him. Before i went down on him tho he said 'dude you know im poz right'. My response, i just went down on him. Fuck it, a buddy is a buddy, and a blowjob is pretty safe. He came in roughly 5 mins, didnt swallow tho. mostly cuz of logistics, i was not on his cock at the time and having sex in my truck requires a certian amount of... agility.

So thats where ive been, besides going on my anti-target boycott. Speaking of target boycott, on sunday i went to target in Glendale, cuz its 3 fucking stories, and got me an epic hat. Still no John Deere hat tho, so im keepin my eyes peeled.

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