Thursday, September 30, 2010

Remember May 24th? (i hate to say i told you so....)

On May 24th i wrote a post about how GLADD was running a campaign targeted at highschool kids to stop using gay as a term to stay stupid. I pointed out that bullying is a bigger problem, and that GLADD needs to stand up and fight for these kids who are getting bullied, and how i used to fight back against those that bullied me.

Well GLADD didnt take my advice, they kept running the adds and when highschool started i noticed something with my littles. More of the gay kids were getting beat up than last year. ALOT more. I dont know if its correlation or causation, but its very odd that the gay establishment starts a campaign and now we have 3 dead gay kids.

But there is hope my friends. There is a project that i can get behind, its not done by the gay establishment, its honest and for the first time, its hopeful. I could have used someone telling me it gets better when i was in highschool.

So go here and submit a video, leave a comment and help get the word out on this project that actually will help make a difference.

Now i want to ask something of my gay friends and fellow bloggers who are jumping to hyperbole and dramatization of these events. Gays are not second class citizens. Bullying is not a new phenomenon neither are sucides in teens or young adults. I lost friends in highschool to suicide and hell, almost commited it a few times myself. Unfortunately, all this raising awareness might seem great and even feel good. But i can tell you right now, without a shadow of a doubt more kids are going to get bullied because this raising awareness pisses off parents, the kids see pissed off parents and replicate behaviors and are beating up fags in the hallways at school. Then i get calls from DFS case workers and have to pick kids up from school.

For once, how bout gay people go to highschools and SEE what happens to gay kids. maybe then, they would know what they need. They dont need an outreach program, a fundraiser, a plea on Ellen, they need a hug. And i know there are enough angry gays out there who can give some gay highschoolers some hugs.

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Jnk Nswt said...

Or, of course, we could watch a high school, see which kids bully the gay kids, and take them for a little ride after school. "Leave the gun. Take the canolli."

But then, some of the bullies are gay too. And lots of them outgrow it. We need to STOP them, not punish them.

But you know what? Dharun Ravi needs to spend some hard time in prison.