Thursday, September 9, 2010

Are you happy with the news from your viral test?

my status has been floating back and forth between neg and poz for as long as i can remember, a leftover of my dads fun adventures with meth. But i knew at some point this day was coming, so i guess i resigned myself to it a long time ago. Mind you the only thing i changed in my behavior was stopped working out as crazy while i was working at nasa. Now i gotta get back to that to drive my natural VL back to undetectable

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Jnk Nswt said...

May your VL go back to undetectable with all speed. And I'm still glad I can't find your dad, because I would feel a certain obligation to beat him senseless, wait for him to recover, rinse and repeat.

Who the hell asked you if you were HAPPY about it?!?!!? It may not shock you or crush you, but how could you possibly be HAPPY about it? That's crazy.

Of course I know there are bugchasers. They're crazy too.

(Word verification is "sprads." There's something resonant of either the bakery or the bedroom in that word.)

Skippy said...

Some people thought I was chasing so I imagine that's where this question was bred

Jnk Nswt said...

So to speak.

I've never seen anything to indicate you were chasing. People are funny.

Anyway, I hope your VL goes back to undetectable, as I said, and also that your health stays good indefinitely.

(Ah, a word verification that makes sense: pestss, people who assume you're chasing just because you're a barebacker.)