Sunday, September 12, 2010

Skippy is introduced to rope play and likes it

Ive been depressed yes. No i did not like the result of my last test, but im moving through it.

I decided since my life has been shit lately i needed an escape, so i went to the Bondage County Fair....

So since i know the LA Band of Brothers (thanks Mindtrip) i get coerced into helping at these events, and since i also like to be early i do set up. However, im greener than a leaf when it comes to some of the bondage shit, and one of the brothers knows it. So he likes to introduce me to things.... This time was rope play and pain play.

So im told (not asked, because a boy does not have an opinion on these matters) that i am to be tied up. So one of the members of the LABOB starts tying me up. Its one of the most erotic things of my life. i have this massivly muscled, unbeliveably sexy man touching my body and running rope around it. Holy jesus mary and joseph. It takes him about 20 mins to get the harness roped around right. And dear god... i loved it.

So they do their whole event thing, im tied up and they introduce me as bondage boy... this is when i knew the night was taking a turn for the worse. However, i figured they will take care of me, The BOB has taken charge of me for the night and the Sir always watches after their Boys. And while that is true, apparently i forgot one little thing, telling the BOB my limit.

So they break out clothespins and are selling the rights to put 5 clothespins on or take 5 clothespins off. Now im not normally a problem with this, but i aint a pain pig. Nor do i have a west hollywood body where i look good in a jockstrap tied up. But such is life.

So they leave these on for 30 mins, till Sir Ian comes over and says that these pins are far too rough for a beginner who isnt a pain pig, and compliments me on my being a good sport about it.

Then my shift is over, my buddy comes over and tells me to bite his arm while they take off all the pins. At once. I am then untied and cannot stand. But it was fun none the less.

Mr Gerle, if your reading this. Any time you want to play with rope and me again, feel free. Same to you Sir Ian...

None the less, these guys broke me out of my funk. That added with a long conversation with my Crush/Sir confusing thing made me happy. Ill explain all that in another post.... i promise

EDIT: pics had to be pulled, got in trouble at work

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