Sunday, August 15, 2010

face raped by mr san diego leather

So I worked the Olympus leather play parties last night and I don't think its too much of a secret that it was fuckin deader than disco. However I still had a ton of fun with a few of the band of brothers. I worked the door for a while then worked the clothes check where I was told to sit naked ave take peoples clothes. I did my job well till my ride.had to leave so we started gettin ready to leave. While walkin around sayin later to everyone I found this guy who was tied down and his sir was letting anyone mess wit him so I played with him for a bit. saw a bit of myself in him with the threshold shifts and the like. he was pulling on his restraints pretty hard it was cute as hell. the whole night is been seeing and talkin to Mr San Diego Leather, so when he came up behind me I was not 100% shocked or surprised. He came up and asked if I was leaving and I told him that was the rumor. He told me to.suck his dick and yeah like I'm gonna say no to that. I went down on him while he was soft so I nursed it to diamond cutter status and that my friends is where the fun begins. he grabbed the back of my head and started to take full control. he started grabbing my head and shoving his cock down my throat breathing was secondary to pleasing Sir. My body disagreed and I choked. But fuck that pain isn't anything to worry anout so I shoved my face back down on his cock. that happened a few times and for some reason I could not relax my throat enough to let him go full bore face fuckin. after he shot his nut down my throat he held my face against his body and let me lick his skin. a wonderfull mix of sweat and leather, it was heaven. then he put his cock back in his pants and walked away leaving me on my knees in my digis in the middle of a play party

Note: this was the first post I have written on my new phone, bear with me while I learn this thing

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