Wednesday, August 25, 2010

every time i can stand the gay party...

They have to go and fuck it up. The most recent thing is the Target/best buy boycott bullshit. How on gods green earth people buy into this shit I will not understand. So here is the deal.
1. The current state senator representing one of the districts in targets home state of MM is up for re election.
2. This same senator has been called the least business friendly senator in the state and by others the worst state senator in the country.
3. Target, a business, would prefer business friendly senators in their home state.
4. A highly partisan 'journalist' who was fired for leaving glaring errors in a story she wrote about a democrat catches wind of this.
5. She gets a friend to videotape her at a Target store returning a ton of items because of the business friendly canadates anti- gay marriage stance.
6. Media matters picks it up and runs with it, allowing the mostly liberal gay party to overreact as is their way.
7. MoveOn picks it up and creates a donation drive to 'help.organize the boyott'. Raises a ton of money.
8. Gays who bought into this bullshit repost and moveon/media matters keep raking in money;the gay party regains its standing that they are all that stands between gay freedom and shira law type executions for gays.

It makes me sad...


PDQ said...

The "gay party" ? Really? How would you define that?

Is there a "straight party"?

Is there a "bi-party"?

Skippy said...

There is a straight party. They are the asshats who say marriage is under attack. The gay party consists of so called gay advocacy groups such as GLADD, PFLAG or any group that issues press releases any time someone calls someone a gag in a negative way. While these groups used to stand for something these days Gladd's retarded ass think b4 you say gay campaign truly shows the fact that gay discrimination is so uncommon and well defined that they no longer have a purpose. Just like the NAACP has had to drum up fears of racism to remain relevant the gay party must find discrimination when none exists to remain relevant

-kB said...

(1) Fun story -- sounds like the Left's version of Sean O'Keefe's bullshit destroy-ACORN campaign from last year. But whatever, this is how the game gets played now.

(2) "... life is much more successfully looked at from a single window, after all." -- F. Scott Fitzgerald.

I don't expect the Sierra Club to care about homelessness, so why should I expect HRC to weigh the pros and cons of corporate taxes in Minnesota before getting pissed? They don't want people who say stupid shit about gays in public office... I don't think that's really so beyond the pale.

(3) Most minorities get fucked over because they're largely poor. Fags have good taste and disposable income as a shield, so it's not a shock they try to use it. And it's not like you have to stop fucking ass if you ignore it. Again, whatevs...

(4) Gladd's campaign does sound stupid, but so do a fuckton of Americans... so it's probably going to do something useful. Retarded shit works all the time when large masses of people are involved... look at Twitter.

(5) I do think HRC is mostly a waste nowadays (IGLHRC seems far more useful), but it's not like gays aren't being actively fucked with in the US still. What would you call Ken Cuccinelli's BS moves in Virginia on domestic partner benefits?

Seaguypnp said...

I found the whole boycott Target thing to be way overblown and a complete waste of time and money by the HRC and They should have pointed out to Target the error in its donating to a group that they supported an antigay candidate for governor, and then left it at that. Instead they kept demanding apologies and threating boycotts if Target did not meet their demands. Meanwhile Some guy goes on the 700 Club with Pat Robertson and cites factss such as the gay community being "violent" as a reason gays should not be allowed to serve openly in the military. And then WalMart who scores much lower than Target on the HRC's equity rankings is free to do as it pleases because the HRC and Moveon would rather fight a friendly company possibly jeopardizing that friendliness. They need to wake up and fight the real enemy notwaste precious resources on beating a dead horse.

Skippy said...

1. This is nothing like the Sean O'kieffe story because the validity of the actual actions is there. Target did donate to a republican who has stupid opinions on gays. Acorn did commit wrongdoing and that was abundantly clear by anyone who actually watched all the vids. And this is not how the game is played, this is how the left uses you to further their aims.
2.if you don't expect different interest groups to understand context but then in the same statement demand that people understand the context of the gay life experience then isn't that the slight bit hypocritical?

3. Your right most fags do think they have taste and have more money than they need so they buy stupid shit. However as a gay guy me and my friends tend to be just above 'fucked' on the socioeconomic ladder. And while I can ignore the boycott I cannot ignore my more wealthy friends in the LA BOB who like to call me a traitor for still being willing to shop at Target(I can't afford their shit or I would more often). That's a punch in the gut every time they say it.
4. Gladds campaign is already doing more harm than good. Been on a highschool campus recently; gay kids have been getting picked on MORE since I started seeing those adds.
5. The HRC is a complete waste of flesh. Also so many gays are so disconnected to the poor in the so called community they worry more about legal rights than the highschool kids getting jumped. I also thought it was a nice addendum to the openness of the gay community when that republican came out and every gay guy I knew was a total Dick about it. THIS IS WHY PEOPLE STAY IN THE FUCKIN CLOSET