Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Catch Up

so heres what i missed or forgot to tell you about.

Had dirrty dirty mansex in the bathroom of the SD eagle with Mindtrip, fucked him after mindtrip had already creamed him but didnt get to cum cuz of the crowd forming and the fact i had work the next morning. Jail would have complicated things

Met Dan of Matt and Dan fame, sucked his big uncut cock and he swallowed my load. Unintentionally stole his phone, got to watch him and Mindtrip play with eachothers cocks in my driveway till i told them if they get caught, me, my roomates, and them ALL become registered sex offenders. Gotta love CA!

And today at work i walked in on 2 guys sucking cock in the bathroom. Offically meaning im not the biggest slut ever.

I know yall want more details, and i want to give them to you, but heres the deal. My term employment is up in 2 weeks. If you all can wait and ask questions i can provide all the details i can remember. But the way work is going my brain is going to continue to be the consistancy of jello... so be patient my little monsters i will be back soon

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Jnk Nswt said...

Little monster goes 'rawr'. Note the 'raw' in that.