Tuesday, June 15, 2010

So pride..... yeah

ok so this weekend was LA pride. I still do not understand pride (really just the parade part of it, i get the event part now). in fact, i did not want to go. THe last time i went to pride i was 16, and i hated it. I got hit on by all the queens, and was generally treated like a piece of meat.

 This time however, i went and got drunk. TOTALLY DIFFERENT EXPEREINCE.

So heres a quick rundown of what happened.

  1. fell asleep during the parade under a big tree by the metro facility on santa monica.
  2. walked around the festival, got a shirt saying 'it aint easy being easy'
  3. found the cigar section
  4. met up with mindtrip
  5. walked around with mindtrip, started playing slug drag queen (see a drag queen you get to punch someone). 
  6. took pics with hot pornstars
  7. laughed at little twink pornstar
  8. started smoking and got lloyd to smoke a gar
  9. red (the guy who runs redchewie boot black) got me naked
  10. got free tank from oxballs, he said i looked like a dirty hooker so i should be pimping his shit
  11. continued smoking
  12. met up with bob and his boy, watched mindtrip eat butt
  13. had a hero of mine eat my hole
  14. then shove me on his boys cock
  15. then shove me on his cock when mindtrip started eating my butt
  16. then sucked dick next to mindtrip
  17. watched mindtrip drink a load
  18. proved im not the pig he is
  19. continued smoking gars
  20. met up with a buddy of mine, talked for a while
  21. had more people eat my butt
  22. sucked more dick
  23. raped a pups mouth
  24. pissed in pups mouth
  25. lit another gar
  26. pimped some of oxballs stuff for him (his silicone sounds are pretty fuckin hot)
  27. started getting cold
  28. fucked another pups face for a bit
  29. sucked a guy through his kilt
  30. watched alot of dirty dirty mansex
  31. started to pass out
  32. walked to find my group
  33. timetraveled from universal city to sand canyon, then to my house.
I was so fucking tired.  21 days till im 21, cannot fucking wait.

Let me know if you want more in-depth stories. Such was what it was like to have 2 titleholders eating and fingering my lil hole. And have one of them tell me that im about to squeeze off his finger.


Mindtrip said...

Yes, how was it having two title holders enjoy your hole?

Anonymous said...

DEFINITELY want more in-depth stories! And hey, titleholders, you can give their names, right? :-)

Seriously, I'd love to hear more details.

Skippy said...

so mr bullet, it was great having you, a former LA leather and MR San diego all rim my hole. My dick is still chubbed when i think mr san diego licked my hole......

Anonymous said...

Come on, Skippy, give us the details!