Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Number 70 or Stuff i found in the dryer

Some of you know im an avid Star Trek Fan. So this video is for all the nerds out there

Anyway. I voted today in the CA Primary so horray for doing my civic duty in letting my opinion be heard.

Anyway, i know why your all here, its not to watch non-sensical videos or hear about my voting habbits, you all wanna hear about my bonfire, drunken escapades and the train run on me at flyboys house right? Thats what i thought.

So saturday night we plan to have a kegger over at my buddies place. It was fun, i got shitfaced. and we all decided that skinny dipping in his pool was going to be a good idea. it was at this point i started to feel a lil dizzy. next thing i remember im in the bedroom and flyboy is deep in my guts. His 2 remaining military buds are jackin it to either side. Feels fuckin nice, and i can feel hes gettin close. He lets loose a huge load in my guts, and i can feel it burnin away at all the tears inside. He pulls out unceremoniously and one of his buds shoves in to the hilt. Id like to say i took it like a champ, but i screamed like a bitch as he fucked my hole. he could longdick faster than anyone whos ever taken a ride at my hole, and added his nut to the collection fairly quickly. Flyboys other buddy dove in before the other guy was all the way out (double fuck and me not a quiet proposition). they decide to both push in untill the first buddy looses his hardon then second one goes into overdrive. He dumps his nut deep in my guts.

Apparently, flyboy has had this in the works for a while. felt good, went home with 3 loads in my guts and a sore ass. I can think of worse ways to end a week.

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