Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Sometimes the comments are better than the post

So for the past few days my post "a sense of perspective" has been creating quite the controversy. Its funny, i never expected something like that to happen. Read it if you get the chance.


Anonymous said...

I'm the guy who posted the lengthy "Anonymous" comment in that other thread. If the controversy and discussion there pleased you, I'm nothing but delighted (and flattered that you should draw your readers' attention to it here). No one seems to have been interested in joining in, unfortunately.

If you're not careful, people are going to start reading your blog for more than just jerkoff material! (Not that it's light on that either.) I'm joking; that's all to the good, and I hope to be part of your commenting sphere if your blog becomes more discursive in general.


Skippy said...

i hope i start conversations and debates with my posts. I get bored with either people not commenting at all or saying 'thats hot'. i like to know how people tick, so i like the 'thats hot cuz of xyz...."