Thursday, July 1, 2010

the pain that stops everything

so i told my buddy i wasnt comin over tonight. Hes kinda pissed, he just found out hes getting laid off thanks to the B1 being retired and his hatefuck bailing on him isnt the best thing in the world. But he understands.

Ive been shot, stabbed, had my shoulder ripped out, tore muscles, and had both nipples pierced yet mouth pain is by far the worst. Not because its the most painfull, but because its dabilitating. I cant even drink water without it hurting.
 So heres the deal. my wisdom teeth need to come out. So thats whats happening next week instead of me getting drunk. Which is depressing as fuck.

BTW i turn 21 on tuesday and missing teeth or not im going to faultline on saturday (7/10) and Bullet that night (assuming i get paid and how much is left after this facial surgery).


Anonymous said...

I don't envy you on the wisdom teeth. But on a happier note, I'll bet if you mention that you just turned 21 at the Faultline and The Bullet you won't have to buy yourself many drinks.

Skippy said...

im going this weekend, still got my wisdom teeth that hurts like a motherfucker