Sunday, July 11, 2010

some people cant help but be stupid (ranting a bit)

so i got this comment on my birthday blowjob post:
Please stop barebacking. Please you are 21, sex is nothing. you are trying to fill a void in your heart with sex. You will regret seeking out sex acts that only lead to death. You will find yourself dieing alone with no true relationships. because everyone will only have shallow knowledge of you. Please stop now.
Save your self its never to late even if you are POZ
To explain why this comment is retarded i must first tell you a fun story about this morning. People from the Compound (a large overtly brainwashing baptist church/baptist college in Lancaster) were trying to save my soul like the creature who posted the above comment. My mom had just headed out as well as my bud and i was home alone shining my boots. They knocked at the door and i decided that instead of getting rid of them id talk to them and actually get the churchs opinion on things. I asked her about tattoos and she said they were like getting graffiti on the temple, that it cheapened the vesel. I asked about the view of tattoos as grafiti or murals. This went on for about 20 minutes untill i hit the brick wall.

Im a fairly open minded person, I dont care that you beleive in your religion, you have the right to express it and the right to attempt to influence the decisions of others. You also have the right to leave the religion if you dislike it (one of the reasons i hate Scientology to the degree i do). But some people are just too stupid. This woman could not do abstract thought or see life for the shades of grey it is. She was more upset at my tattoos than the devil clock on the wall.

I also am not a moral relativist. All things must be judged on even footing, however that footing is not black and white. Which leads me to this comment. This moral Asshat does not see the shades of grey in what is going on. I may be seeking out hookups, but clearly he does not see that i dont hook up that much. IN fact i rarely have penetrative sex. 90% of my sex comes from play, such as tying people up, clip play, CBT and other forms of torture. Fucking, sucking while it feels good, is the lesser part of the hookup. Maybe thats why women like me, im more about the foreplay than the main event. But when i do choose to fuck or get fucked, suck or get sucked i do it not out of sheer horniness (ok it does happen alot) but out of people id be cool to chill with. Even if its a shallow knowledge of people id prefer to know the person and have something in common. Ive already had enough anonymous sex in my life, its time for me to have sex on my terms with people of my choosing and to say that you can know my intentions or influence my actions by saying that retarded selfrichous bullshit that you just wrote makes me sad as fuck for the life you must lead. My life right now is better than it has been in a long time, barebacking is less than 1% of my life, and to judge 99% by the 1% is a cold way to judge.

Have fun being a shitbag.


Anonymous said...

From a non-shitbag: bravo!

Especially like the part about how you prefer to have sex with people you'd like to chill with. That's depressingly unusual, and I've been called a "prude" for having the same attitude (I'm a little stricter about it...I DON'T like having sex with anyone I WOULDN'T chill with).

An excellent response to the (no doubt well-intentioned) commenter you refer to.


Anonymous said...

I read the guy's comment and just wondered what the fuck he's doing here in the first place. It's not too difficult to discern the gist of the page.

If he doesn't bother reading the posts, the 'weaponized semen' (my new favorite) should be a dead give-away.

I for one was hoping you'd bent the medic over the exam table and squirted a nice thick load in his hole for him to enjoy while he went to lunch.

Given the response you got later, you may still get the chance.

Seaguypnp said...

What does this person feel they have been anointed to visit blogs and try to save anyone who barebacks. Pathetic they need to get a fucking life and butt out!

Bi Slut in big D said...

Couldn't agree more. I'm of the belief that "religion" is evil. FAITH however is a personal journey and it's intimate with whoever your higher power happens to be. I was raped repeatedly by my pastor. The bastard used to get dressed afterward, make me stay naked with his load dripping out of me, while he prayed to "his" God to save my soul. Now that was fucked up. In recent years, I have begun to repair my relationship with my higher power. It's come through treament for my addiction(s), and it is tenuous at best.

I have to take all CHURCH with a grain of salt. It's a political subdivision to me, nothing more. FAITH doesn't exist in Church as far as I'm concerned.