Tuesday, February 23, 2010

She Broke my heart....

There was a time when i believed in dating. When i thought that human beings could genuinely love and care for each other. But then this bitch had to fucking ruin it.

I was living in Miami at the time. We were dating for about a year, which at 18-20 is getting serious. She went to UM, lived in an apartment down there cuz it was closer to school, i lived in north miami, so while it was a pain to go down there i was there most days. We were going good, her parents loved me, i was thinking of flying her out for christmas so my parents could meet her, it was really serious.

Then she decided to just say we were done, no reasons no explinations just we are done. Now if she had the nerve to say it to my face thats one thing. But she had to do it the most backward and inconcieveable way i know how. She decided to E-mail me pictures of her cheating on me with this nasty lookin Hatian guy.

Now i have never been a man with a good control of my temper, however i did not infact break the girls nose. I am more of a gentlemen than hit a woman (cunt, bitch, neighborhood babymaker, ect.). Instead i decided to be more malicious with this. Now think of the ammunition she gave me, she gave me multiple pictures with her face, her naked body being penetrated by a man her parents did not know. I also had her parents e-mail addresses and the password to her school e-mail. Now if you had all of that, and had just had your heart ripped out of your chest, what would you do?

Yes, i sent the pictures to the girls parents.
Yes i sent the pictures to her professors
yes i sent the pictures to the deans of all departments.
yes i sent the pictures to the company she was going to do a summer internship with.
yes i sent the pictures to all of her friends

In general i ruined this girls life. Her parents would not speak to her, her college expelled her. she was rudderless and without an anchorchain.....

and i still wasnt happy. She felt as bad as i did, and i still was dead.

So what is the moral to this tale. This tale is a reason why i will not date. I become attached enough to where i will kill to protect someone i love. When that love is betrayed that strength i would use to protect goes into destroying. I will not date because i know that if i do i will alienate those i love. I do not date because i know i am jaded, i will not trust anyone and therefore will not be serious about it.

But honestly, i dont date because sex is easy to get and im happier on my own.


Jenna said...

This first pic is of a Swedish girl, and I bet you DON'T own this picture and I know that she wants to have it away from the internet, so please delete it!

Skippy said...

Hi Jenna,

While i appreciate your concern for the damaged party, that image falls under fair use. Over 20% of the image has been changed, and under american law that becomes parody fair use. If the image is really a big problem please submit a grievance with Google and they will notify me if it violates fair use and i will gladly take it down. However as it stands now i have full rights to use the image.

As unfortunate as im sure the event was, and as bad as someone whos face is known by the internets as the broken nose girl, we have a right to use the image that was posted on the internet.

For all readers, this is why putting your face on the internet (even facebook) is dangerous.