Thursday, February 25, 2010

24 hour fitness

It is a place i spend alot of my time, since its the best gym in my town. Its also a repository of hot military guys since they offer steep DOD discounts.

When im done workin out i like to bake myself in the dry heat sauna, so i change into my old Marine catch me fuck mes (the short ass PT shorts). So i was walkin out to the wet area and this big fuckin Marine asks if i was one too, i told him sorta and i was headed to the dry heat, if he wanted to id tell him there, so he filled up his water bottle and followed me.

we were talkin, i told him bout my shoulder, he told me bout his injuries and we were generally talkin shit. Then his wife comes in, and i gotta say Hot fucking damn. She is like 5'2" fit little asian. Well the 3 of us get to talkin and they talk about fucking and little skippy jumps to attention. Now in those lil PT shorts there aint much room to hide your cock when its soft, so when meat like mine gets hard its fucking obvious(she had to tell me the head was pokin outta the bottom of the shorts).

So i finish up with my 20 mins in there and they are heading out too, he makes an offer that kinda blows my mind, he wants me to follow them to their appartment since its just down the road. What the fuck was i going to say? no. I aint that fucking stupid, so i follow them to their place, nice lil apartment.

We walk in, immediately Marine boy is down to his jock, his wife is down to her underwear and they are making fun of me for wearing clothes (how fucking backward is that shit), so i strip down and am in my jock in no time at all. They offer me water, pleasantries are exhanged when Marine boy winks at me and tackles his wife and strips off her panties and starts eating her out. i start jerkin off like any 20 year old guy would, when he motions me down to join in. Like im gonna say no to eating some tight ass pussy. i get down there an am eating the bitch out when i feel some wet fingers on my hole. Fuck yes. Marine boy wants to fuck me, i am all in for that shit. A few minutes later his cock is balls fucking deep in my hole, and he picks me up and drops me so my cock is at his wifes cunt. No need to tell me twice, i line up and go in. Fuckin a dudes wife while he fucks me (check on things to do before i die)

Hes fuckin me for a good fuckin 15 mins, and its feelin good as fuck, when he grabs my head and whispers in my ear he wants to trade. Fuck yes, i get to fuck a dude while he fucks his wife (another check on things to do before i die) We swtich positions and im balls deep his tight Marine cunt, hes close as hell, meanwhile i am using all my control to not fucking bust in him right quick. Well he dont got that control and breeds his wife, gets up real fast to go shower off (funny how chicks are like that). I aint cum yet and marine boy dont show no signs of wanting me to stop, so i tell him to flip over. I pull out, he gets on his back and i get between his fuckin treetrunk legs and push back into him. Hes in fucking hog heaven. He puts his arms behind his head and i dive into his fuckin ripe ass pits. I can feel im startin to loose control eatin those sweaty jarhead pits so i tell him im gettin close. Hes either too lost in cumlust or dont give a shit, so i start fuckin him harder. I tell him im about to cum and he dont do nothin, so i decide im gonna do it. I bite his chest and unload in his ass. we stay like that till his wife comes out and says we look cute, we get up, shower off and send me on my way after exhanging numbers.

Fuckin nice afterworkout workout if i do say so myself

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JOMO said...

wow.. that's fuckin hot! next time get pix!