Wednesday, April 21, 2010

its been 13 days since my last update...

and blogger has no problem telling me that. So the last time i talked to yall i was writing from my crappy as cell phone on the blue line (metro that goes from LA to long beach) about the hook up clock.

Unfortunately my week down in Hollywood was not good for hook ups. In the heart of the city, i hooked up with 2 people other than Mindtrip.... and worst i didnt even get to see Zak at the gym. Still was incredibly fun week tho and Mindtrip still owes me those damn pics.

One of my hookups was with an older guy, who showed me what excessive vac pumping and ball streching do... his cock was mean looking, not pretty and bigger than my foot. It was huge. We ended up jerking off for a while, then i went home.

The other hookup was with 2 guys who were in LA for one of their birthday parties, to hold basically a fuck party. It was fun as fuck, did poppers for the first time without a pounding headache afterwards, and fisted my first guy. Was fun as fuck, saved their number and if i am ever in palm springs im gonna hit them up.

Overall it was a fun week. But since i been back its been school non-stop. Got a marketing project that is ticking away, so i might update less than i have been.

However my goal is to look like jason statham. Either by the end of 2010 or in the next few years... that is my goal.

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Anonymous said...

fisted your first guy - sounds hot.... would love a post with all the details