Thursday, February 24, 2011

Seeing others

So I know its been a while, how are all yall. I know it sucked, but I'm glad I took a break, gave me time to evaluate what's important in my life. I'm most glad to say that I found something out about myself, something that no longer is the case with me.
I used to see myself as others saw me. If someone called me a submissive little whore, well that must be what I was. Something has changed recently, be it working again or my ongoing mentoring by an amazing Sir, I've grown some balls.
I was at an event not long ago, and a creeper aka creepy old guy decided to start hitting on me. I stayed quiet, kept talking to my friends till he pinched my nipple. I whispered in his ear as if I was going to be sweet, and told him if he did it again his balls would be my breakfast. It feels good to finally not have the compulsion to submit to everyone


Kenneth said...

Welcome back-I just got 3 random emails that my comments had been approved. I had to think what they were for-upon clicking the links your blog came back to me. I definitely was enjoying a bottle or two of wine that night-hence my handful of ramblings-but I re-read them-and minus some grammatical errors-I'm glad I wrote what I did. Hope you got some form of insight from my epic-like comments. Glad all is well. -KH

Jnk Nswt said...

The fact that you've learned not to submit to everyone is good; the fact that you're back writing is great!

You go, boy!