Sunday, October 24, 2010

midterms and hangovers

So as of this all of my midterms are officially over. My brain has been worked over like my nipples at BCF. And I know I've been off the grid mostly cuz I haven't been hone much over the last few weeks. However even with me not being home I've mostly just been hanging out not hooking up. It's actually been real nice, and its helping me find my place in all this shit.

So ive been going to bullet fairly regular, just to see my Sir mostly. And last week they had a pretty epic event, oil wrestling. So i was saying hi to some of the brothers, when one of the higher ups in the LALC comes in, and starts playin with my nipples. For a good hour and a half he plays with my nips, my balls and my cock. I was on fucking cloud nine. Oddest part, i never got to shoot my load till i got home...

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