Saturday, March 5, 2011

Twinks on a4a are far too trusting (or how I'm a nice guy)

So I was on Adam today, right before I was fired from my job and this cute lil twink was hitting on me. He wanted me to fuck him and I said hey I only fuck raw. He said cool as long as I don't have anything. If you haven't seen it, my a4a clearly has my status on it. I told him to read my profile again and see if he wanted to play. He said it was cool, and my dick said jump on it. Unfortunately my soul said tell him, so I said you know I'm poz, poor kid. He hasn't hit me up again. God Damn being a nice guy.


Duo said...

Wow you are a nice guy! (But of course I already knew that!) -Dan

Jnk Nswt said...

1. Good for your soul. It was protecting itself.
2. Damn, why did you get fired?

Anonymous said...

Always go with your dick. Yes, it'll get you in trouble from time to time, but you'll have lots more fun getting there.